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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 12, 2014

The Packers' rookie center and a pair of veterans go under the microscope in today's curds.

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Corey Linsley, James Starks and Jarrett Bush - all three of these players came to Green Bay in different ways, and each of them had a vastly different start to his NFL career. Linsley has started from day one, partially thanks to an injury; Starks was on the PUP list his first year before he exploded in the playoffs; and Bush has been a special teamer and occasional helper on defense for his entire career.

But they have one thing in common today: they're all the subject of feature pieces that we have in today's cheese curds.

Take a spin through today's links and join us back here as we wrap up some of our coverage of the Bears game and start looking ahead to the Eagles.

What You Might've Missed: The work of a special teams ace |
One of the favorite whipping boys here at APC gets credit for his work on special teams. That area has always been Jarrett Bush's calling card, but he's working hard to disprove any perceived dip in his play on those units.

Linsley deserves Pro Bowl consideration, Rodgers says |
You'll get no argument here. According to Pro Football Focus, Linsley hasn't allowed a sack all year, and he's only given up one QB hurry in the Packers' past three games.

Reliable backup James Starks takes pride in reserve role with team | JSOnline
There's no ego issues in the Packers' backfield. Starks comes in, does his job, and runs angry with a smile on his face. That's all you can really ask for from a backup running back.

Watch your step: McCarthy on sideline trip, 'bad challenge' | ESPN Wisconsin
Here's a little more backstory on the giant F-bomb that Mac dropped after tripping over that cord on Sunday night. Way to go, Shawn Slocum.

Aaron Rodgers on the perils of blowout win - ESPN
I'm not sure how much of this is honesty and how much is just Aaron enjoying rubbing in a blowout victory. But as someone with bad feet who needs special insoles in his shoes, I can tell you that standing around in the wrong shoes can definitely mess you up.

The NFC South reaches a new low -
The Post-Mortem looks at the Bears' defense, the Rams' inability to score in the second half, and the worst division in football.

Jay Cutler: ‘I’ll Be The First Person To Admit We Need A New Punter’ | The Onion
Way to throw your punter under the bus, Jay. Real classy.