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Packers Injury Update: Lang, Sitton sit out again as Packers begin to prep for Eagles

The Packers' guards both sat out of Wednesday's practice to rehab their injuries once again, while the head coach looks ahead to Sunday.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Green Bay Packers announced their first injury report of week 11 and the head coach, Mike McCarthy, addressed the upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

First, we find four names on the injury report:

Injury Report

The following players did not practice. No other players were named on Wednesday's report.

TE Brandon Bostick (hip)
OLB Jayrone Elliott (hamstring)
G T.J. Lang (ankle)
G Josh Sitton (toe)

Note, of course, that Aaron Rodgers and his hamstring are nowhere to be found. Clearly the team feels that it is a non-issue.

McCarthy Press Conference

Here are a few of the highlights from McCarthy's comments to the media.

On Lang and Sitton sitting out of practice on Wednesday: "We're in the rehab part of it today. We'll see tomorrow if they'll be able to do anything. They did the same thing today that they did last week, they're probably similar now to where they were last week."

Does the blowout win affect evaluation of the film: "It doesn't affect anything as far as the way it's corrected."

On whether the team looks at this game as being more important because of the potential for a head-to-head tiebreaker down the line: "I'm not thinking about the playoffs for now, I'm just thinking about the Eagles ... everybody clearly understands the Eagles are in first place in their division, they're also in the NFC. It's not a point of emphasis for us."

On the Eagles' defense: "It's a very aggressive defense ... excellent anchors as their outside rushers."

How does the up-tempo offense help Aaron Rodgers: "It's a great fit for Aaron because you can't give him the ball enough. He's unique that he can play very fast and do a lot of things at the line of scrimmage."

On Chip Kelly's offensive philosophy working in the NFL: "Watching Oregon during the (draft) scouting period was really my only exposure to it ... I've always liked the concepts, I was curious as to how he was gonna use the personnel. I think he's done a great job with it."

On Bostick's and Elliott's injuries: "Concern level, I don't want to say it's going to be a challenge for them to make it (on the field) this week, but we'll see how it goes."