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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 13, 2014

How will the Packers deal with Philadelphia's fast-paced offense on Sunday? That very well could determine the result of the contest.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have every right to be a 7-2 team at this point in the NFL season. They have a fast-paced and efficient offense and a devastating pass rush that has racked up the second-most sacks in the league in 2014. These two factors will be critical to the Packers earning a victory at Lambeau Field on Sunday, so keep an eye on them as the game goes on.

In today's curds, we take a hard look at the Packers' offensive line and how to project their performance on Sunday, and we also find an amusing story about how an Eagles team with lots of Packers connections fooled the system in order to keep a player in the organization for an extra year. Eat up!

Eddie Lacy doesn’t care how he gets his yards |
The best part of this article is Lacy talking about Jordy Nelson's sprint downfield to block for him on a screen pass: "I really thought I was fast until I saw him pass me."

Packers offensive line faces huge challenge against Eagles | JSOnline
Starting tackles David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga will have to be at the top of their game this week, with a talented and balanced Eagles pass rush coming to town.

Sitton, Lang may have to play without practicing again | ESPN Wisconsin
And then there's the issue of the interior line. The guards did a darn good job of it on Sunday night against the Bears. This week, though, Sitton's likely to see a heavy dose of Fletcher Cox, while Lang will draw Cedric Thornton on his side, a tougher matchup than the Bears' depleted defensive front.

Communication key to stopping Eagles' uptempo offense |
The Eagles are second in the NFL with just over 71 plays per game on offense. While communication will be key, long, sustained drives by the offense could be critical as well to keep the defense fresh.

New York Jets' rushing defense among top 10 dominant units - NFL - ESPN
This is an ESPN Insider-only article, but I can tell you that the Packers' passing game is the second-ranked unit in this list, thanks partially to Aaron Rodgers' 147.9 passer rating when throwing to Randall Cobb (best of any tandem in the league) and 131.6 rating when going to Jordy (which ranks second).

Eagles told Koy Detmer to fake injury for IR in 1997 | Off the Record (OTR)
Former Packers backup Ty Detmer talks about the time that his brother Koy faked a knee injury to stay in the organization. Who was the coach of that team? Ray Rhodes, who would later coach one year in Green Bay.

Ranking NFL coaches by their alma maters -
There can be no quarreling with these power rankings, as they are completely objective. Shut up about them looking at a pointless piece of information, the Packers are screwed for this year because Mike McCarthy went to unranked Baker University.