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Packers vs. Eagles Halftime Score Update: Packers Cruising 30-6 Early

The Packers' offense has dominated in the first half once again, as they lead Philadelphia 30-6 after one half of football.

Mike Zarrilli

After one half of football, the Green Bay Packers lead the Philadelphia Eagles 30-6. In case you missed the first half of football, we provide you a recap of the good, bad and ugly so far.


Rodgers has been stellar and only continues to move his name in the MVP conversation as the season winds down. The passing attack for Green Bay has generated two touchdown drives, one resulting in a six-yard touchdown to Davante Adams, and another ending in a 27-yard sideline touchdown to Jordy Nelson. In the game, Rodgers is currently 18-of-25 for 279 yards and has thrown two touchdowns.

The defensive unit for the Packers has played well, also, sacking quarterback Mark Sanchez three times and generating pressure throughout the entire game.


For the Packers, they've played well on both sides of the ball, so there hasn't been anything negative to really take away thus far. Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy have been the only offensive source for Philadelphia in helping them move the ball down the field, so working to eliminate short screen passes and dump offs to those two could be something the unit can work on in the second half as they look to hold onto their strong lead.


Already down by a big margin, the Eagles have given up three sacks (26 yards), followed by 33 yards on penalties.


Stay with us here on APC after the game for more coverage of tonight's action.