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Packers power rankings, Week 12: Green Bay takes over

The Packers broke into the top three this week.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

By the time the Green Bay Packers concluded their 53-20 steamrolling of the previously high-flying Philadelphia Eagles, it was clear to anyone observing that their place in the NFL hierarchy was about to change. That jump has been reflected in the SB Nation Week 12 power rankings, which sees Green Bay move up three spots to No. 3 overall.

This is the first time since the 2014 season began that the Packers have found themselves in the top three of SB Nation's power rankings, a testament to their level of dominance over the past few weeks. They remain undefeated at home, and have outscored opponents at Lambeau by an incredible 188-61 in their last four games there.

As for the previous power rankings leader in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions have fallen two spots to No. 6. They lost to the No. 1 Arizona Cardinals on the road on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears are clumped together at 23 and 24 respectively.

Though SB Nation has usually held the Packers in high regard, others are even higher on them this week. Yahoo! Sports ranks them No. 2 overall and best in the NFC. Elsewhere, CBS Sports has Green Bay right where SBN does, No. 3 overall and second in the conference. The same is true over at ESPN.

Jason B. Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as an SB Nation Newsdesk Contributor and writes for Sports on Earth.