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Packers-Eagles Week 11 Game Moved to 3:25 PM CT Kickoff

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Thanks to flexible scheduling, the Packers' game in two weeks was shifted back a few hours into the afternoon timeslot.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A little while back, we at Acme Packing Company discussed the NFL's flex scheduling and the likelihood that none of the Green Bay Packers games would be shifted into a Sunday Night time slot. While that still appears to be the case, an announcement on Sunday afternoon suggests that the Packers will have a kickoff moved in two weeks:

That game is one that FOX had protected under the current NFL scheduling rules. It makes sense - with both teams near the top of their division, the network will certainly want to keep one of its premier games in Week 11. Furthermore, that game will likely be able to be broadcast to a wider audience in the late time slot. FOX's other good game that Sunday will be the Detroit Lions at the Arizona Cardinals (which is also scheduled for a 3:25 PM kickoff), but the Packers game will be competing for viewership only with that contest instead of five other games.

Adjust your calendars accordingly, Packers fans. Next week Green Bay will play the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night, but the following week is now a late afternoon kickoff.