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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 25, 2014

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The Packers' rookie center played some of his best football yet in the final minutes of Sunday's game.

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images

As we begin looking towards Sunday's battle with New England, the Green Bay Packers and the media continue to wrap up the team's win over the Minnesota Vikings two days ago. And in that victory, the big theme that has already been discussed was the team's ability to run out the clock with confidence behind Eddie Lacy.

But Lacy was running behind a group of blockers who paved the way for him on that final series, and of all of them, arguably the most impressive was rookie center Corey Linsley.

As we look ahead, the biggest offensive weapon for the Patriots (literally and figuratively) is tight end Rob Gronkowski, who will stretch Dom Capers and his staff's ingenuity in their efforts to contain him.

Check out stories on these topics and more in today's curds.

News now! Packers will play their game vs. Patriots |
Today, in the world of obvious headlines... but seriously, they don't mean that the Packers will simply participate in the game that has been scheduled. They mean that Green Bay will not change its style of play to suit its opponent.

Could Brad Jones help as the Packers try to contain Rob Gronkowski? | JSOnline
If anything, Sean Richardson and Micah Hyde seem like more ideal candidates to cover the big tight end.

Linsley shines in Packers' final drive |
Well, if it wasn't clear by now that the Packers found a gem in the fifth round, the four-minute drive at the end of the game should seal the deal. Seriously, go back and watch the tape and see how Corey Linsley dominates the interior.

All-Star Team of the Week - Week 12 | Pro Football Focus
No surprise that Eddie Lacy makes the cut as the top running back after the great performance he put up on Sunday.

Dom Capers: Packers need to be 'sharp' against Tom Brady - ESPN
And when reporters asked Mike McCarthy about it, he said "So you're saying we're not sharp?"

Marshall Newhouse did just enough against J.J. Watt - Cincy Jungle
This is here purely for the headline's shock value.

Video: Man Launches Cheesehead Into Space | Cheesehead TV
Awesome. First team in the NFL with a figurine of its starting QB riding a foam hat into space.