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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 26, 2014

Oh, and about that grape Crush thing? We're all "idiot trolls".

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

While Aaron Rodgers denies trolling his opponents, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers' next opponent has no qualms about trolling the media.

That's how it goes in Green Bay this week, with the New England Patriots on deck for Sunday's battle between two of the hottest teams in football.

One of the best battles should be up front when the Packers have the ball, as the Green Bay offensive line, which has played so well of late, will get a challenge with the Patriots' tough defensive front. They are up for the challenge though, and so is Eddie Lacy; the praise each sends the way of the other is great to see, and a sign that both the back and the line are playing at a high level.

Offensive line paved way for Eddie Lacy's big day |
There's a lot of mutual respect between the Packers' running back and his offensive line. Check out some linemen's comments here, and Lacy returned the favor on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Dom Capers changes Green Bay Packers defense to fit the times | JSOnline
One thing Capers doesn't worry about any more: total yards. The important things, to him, are points allowed and opponents' passer rating.

Rodgers, Quarless see TE roles expand |
In addition to added work in the passing game, blocking from the position has also improved in recent weeks.

Rodgers on Grape Crush: No trolling | ESPN Wisconsin
Yes, it's been well-documented that Rodgers drinks one after every game, but since this is the first time we can remember him breaking it out during the press conference, the reaction from the so-called "idiot trolls" is understandable.

Packers' Linsley Perfect Example of Thompson's Practices |
Ross Uglem compares Corey Linsley to the centers that Packers GM Ted Thompson let walk into Free Agency and looks at how Ted's M.O. keeps the Packers as perennial contenders instead of cyclical ones.

Saluting the NFL's worst passers -
Only one NFL team has scored in the first quarter of every game they've played this year. Can you guess who it is?

Finally, here's a reminder that no matter how bad you think Mike McCarthy's coach-speak is, he'll never be better at it than the master, Bill Belichick: