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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 3, 2014

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In the first curds of November, we find mid-season reports breaking down the Packers' roster and discussing the reasons for the atrocious run defense.

Joel Auerbach

With the bye week wrapped up and the Chicago Bears on the docket for Sunday, it's time for 2014 Hate Week number two. Meanwhile, we Packers fans can take some amusement in finding the Bears in disarray at this point, and I'm sure we would love nothing more than to kick our rivals while they're down. Hopefully that will indeed take place at Lambeau Field on Sunday night.

For that to happen, though, the Packers will need to remember how to tackle, at least somewhat. Missed tackles have been a bane of this team through the first half once again, and it has contributed to the Packers allowing the most rushing yards per game in the league. With premier running backs like Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy on deck the next two weeks, it's time to get that crap figured out.

Here is your first batch of curds of the new month as we turn the calendar over to November.

Packers' Andrew Quarless begins to fill hole left by Jermichael Finley | JSOnline
Emphasis on "begins", since he certainly hasn't made the impact Finley did, but he has been split out in the slot or outside quite a bit the past few weeks.

Green Bay Packers' 3 reasons for optimism, 3 reasons for pessimism | FOX Sports
Despite the story above, Quarless and his group's lack of production is specifically called out here as a problem.

Turnovers up, but tackling off through first 8 games |
Another factor in the Packers' favor is their success scoring touchdowns in the red zone - they're in the top 10 in the NFL with a 64.5% success rate.

Packers' bye-week review: Defense - ESPN
Passing defense gets a B, but run defense gets an F. Sounds about right.

Packers Midseason report | ESPN Wisconsin
Jason Wilde gives out his midseason awards and reviews for each player on the roster.

Nick Foles Injury: Eagles quarterback could miss 4-6 weeks with broken clavicle - Bleeding Green Nation
Where have we heard about an injury like that before...this means that Mark Sanchez will be the Eagles' starter in two weeks when Philly comes to Lambeau Field.

This is how the 49ers lost to the Rams -
In the first of two schadenfreude-laden links, we see Colin Kaepernick fumbling at the goal line.

Marc Trestman reportedly on hot seat with Bears -
Womp womp.