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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 5, 2014

We're waiting to hear more about the Packers' injuries after practice this afternoon, but in the meantime, we look at the new depth chart.

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That's what passes for excitement for us as Green Bay Packers fans over the past week, when there has been little news about the various Packers fighting through injuries. That's the big topic and we should learn more about it today, but until then, we have a variety of Packers-related links for you.

One in particular mentions the Packers' updated depth chart, as you might have guessed, but we also have less serious links, including something about a ridiculous Vikings car up for sale on Craigslist.


What You Might've Missed: On making the deep ball work |
A number of factors go into a successful long ball, but each of the Packers' four big touchdowns so far this season can be credited to a different specific reason.

After football, new careers bring Mark Tauscher home | JSOnline
We love you, Tausch. Thanks for all the memories, from Auburndale to Madison to Green Bay.

Packers' run defense: A quest for competence |
This headline would be hilarious if it weren't so accurate.

Vikes Avoid "Go Packers" Beam Built Into Stadium - ESPN Video - ESPN
No politics, please - it's just hilarious to try to get something with "Go Packers" written on it built into the new building outside of the Twin Cities.

JC Tretter listed as OL backup for Green Bay Packers at two spots - ESPN
Looking at the depth chart, Tretter is the #2 at both center and...left tackle. T.J. Lang is the primary backup on the right side.

Rodgers' F-word for his hamstring? "Fine" | ESPN Wisconsin
What were you expecting? The more interesting thing here is the discussion Rodgers apparently had with the medical staff on the sideline after his injury.

No Spinning 2011 Draft Numbers, But ... - Scout
This is some good perspective on how bad the 2011 draft was in general, not just for the Packers.

Jerry Rice thinks Jim Harbaugh is 'gone' from the 49ers -

This vintage car with a GIANT Vikings helmet is only $4K -
I'm pretty sure the paint job depreciates the value of this vehicle. That's definitely a $5,000 car if not for the big horns on the side.