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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for November 6, 2014

Josh Sitton has us all worried in Packerland...and with good reason.

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Chris Graythen

Are you ready for the Packers-Bears game on Sunday Night?

Well we the fans certainly are, but if it takes Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang another couple days to get ready, then by all means we'll be happy to give it to them. Hopefully the two guards will be able to move forward in their rehab today and can practice over the weekend in time to play Sunday Night.

Meanwhile, the Saints gave the rest of the league a blueprint on how to take Jordy Nelson out of the game two weeks ago. Granted, they gave up big days and big plays to the Packers' other receivers, so if they can keep up that level of production the Packers should still have plenty of success moving the football. Still, we'll be paying close attention this week to see how the Bears decide to defend the Packers' various talented wideouts.

Bears ready to 'hunker down' for Packers game |
Here's hoping that the Packers' defense is able to force some turnovers once again to frustrate the Bears' offense and give Aaron Rodgers short fields to work with.

Notes - Packers' Jordy Nelson trying get loose | JSOnline
Jordy will probably see a lot of double-coverage as the second half of the season goes along, and the passing game will be up to him to beat those double teams and to his teammates to be productive in single coverage on the opposite side of the field.

Sitton: 'Playing on turf ain't no fun' |
Here are comments from Josh Sitton on his toe injury. It's likely that Sitton wouldn't have been able to play last week if the Packers didn't have a bye; we'll see today and tomorrow how it goes for him this week.

Standing ovation? Packers selling SRO tickets | ESPN Wisconsin
Get your browser over to if you're interested in a standing room only ticket for Sunday Night's game - this is a pilot program to see how much interest the Packers can generate in these tickets.

Packers' Aaron Rodgers on his hamstring: 'Not going to be an issue' - ESPN
Here's the full quote from Rodgers on the hammy: "I take care of my body pretty well, and I trust that by Sunday that it's not going to be an issue."

The best and worst of the 2014 NFL season so far -
There are no Packers plays or players on this list, but it's still a fun look at some different bests and worsts of the year than the ones that you'll normally read about.