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NFL Week 10 Sunday Late Games Thread

We're back for more afternoon football action as we find ourselves becoming Giants fans for three hours today.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the first wave of NFL games is wrapped up (or getting close to wrapping up), it's time to turn our attention over to another trio of games kicking off in the late afternoon today.

Here are your rooting interests: go Rams and Giants. With the Cardinals in the lead in the NFC at 7-1 and the Seahawks owning the 6th spot in the playoffs thanks to a head-to-head win over the Packers, it's time to knock those two teams down a peg. I know it will be hard to root for Eli Manning, but it shouldn't be that tough when Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman are on the other sideline, right?

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

3:05 PM CT
Oakland County Coliseum
Oakland, CA
Broncos -12

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals

3:25 PM CT
University of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, AZ
Cardinals -7

New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks

3:25 PM CT
CenturyLink Stadium
Seattle, WA
Seahawks -9.5