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Packers vs. Bears Halftime Score Update: Green Bay Clawing Down Chicago 42-0

Aaron Rodgers has six touchdowns at halftime in Green Bay as the Packers are blowing the breaks off the Bears 42-0 at halftime. One of those scores went to tight end Brandon Bostick for his first of the year.

Jonathan Daniel

When we usually witness the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears face each other in prime, it typically turns out to be an interesting and close game. So far tonight on Sunday Night Football, that hasn't been the case, as the Packers cruising 42-0 over the Bears inside Lambeau.

Let's take a look at the good, bad and the ugly from the first half of the blowout in Green Bay:


It has simply been unfair to watch Green Bay's aerial attack destroy Chicago's secondary thus far. Two of the Packers' four scores in the first half are courtesy of Jordy Nelson. After being left along down field, Nelson scored 73 yards out after cutting across the field, then, his second touchdown came after tip-toeing in the end zone after beating another Bears blown coverage.

Aaron Rodgers
is off to blazing start, going 18-of-24 through the air for 315 yards with six (!) touchdowns.  Matt Flynn will likely go the rest of the way for the Packers.

Another positive is on the defensive side of the ball, with Clay Matthews having a very strong game being active at inside linebacker. Matthews has six total tackles (two for a loss) along with one sack.


From Green Bay's side of things, there isn't anything bad to take away from the game so far.

Chicago on the other hand has unfortunately has given up close to 300 yards through the air. Eddie Lacy took a short screen pass 56 yards for a touchdown, and that play pretty much sums up how ridiculously bad they've been on defense.


The Bears have had the ball for more time compared to Green Bay (15:23 compared to 13:35), but haven't been able to smell even a field goal. Also, Julius Peppers recorded second strip-sack force fumble of the year while taking down Cutler. Peppers got a hand on Cutler's interception that fell into the hands of Micah Hyde earlier, too. A nice game so far against his former team.