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Photo Gallery: Randall Cobb takes Green Bay children shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods

The Packers' receiver hosted a charity event for local kids on Tuesday.

As the only publicly-owned team in North American pro sports, the Green Bay Packers share a special bond with their community. Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb is fast becoming one of the favorite members of that community, and on Tuesday he decided to give something back by hosting a shopping excursion at Dick's Sporting Goods for ten underprivileged children from around the Green Bay area.

Above are several photos from the event, courtesy of Dick's.

Cobb performs extensive charity work around the community, also participating in the Dreambuilders Foundation. Cobb's participation with children in the Green Bay and in his hometown includes helping kids with nutrition and staying healthy.

You can follow along with the various community and charity outreach events that the Packers organization participates in here.

Our thanks go out to Cobb for his role in the Green Bay community, both on and off the field. Here's hoping that Cobb stays a Packer for a long time to come.