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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 13, 2014

Today's curds remind us that at least one draft pundit projected Russell Wilson to be Aaron Rodgers' backup.

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Notre Dame DE Stephon Tuitt
Notre Dame DE Stephon Tuitt
Jonathan Daniel

Seven days from now, the NFL's 2014 Scouting Combine begins, as three positions (the offensive linemen, tight ends, and special teams players) take the stage in front of the media to discuss their futures. Until then, however, we still have seven days to speculate on the 40-yard dash times of many of these prospects, as well as their other measureables.

In today's curds, we have an interview with one particular draft prospect who could be very appealing for the Packers this year in the first or second round, as well as a look at some of the possibilities on the offensive line and a number of silly things going on around the league. Enjoy!

Murphy: Expanding field wouldn't diminish quality of NFL playoffs | Packersnews
That said, expect that change to be much more likely to start in the 2015 season than in 2014.

Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo ranks Aaron Rodgers third-best QB from 2013 NFL season - JSOnline
Well that's nice. The problem is that this is Jerry Angelo, who drafted QBs Craig Krenzel and Rex Grossman.

Decision at center, battle at tackle looming for Packers -
It isn't completely crazy to think that there could be three new starters on the line in 2014 and that it could actually be stronger than it was this past season.

NFL Draft: Q&A with Potential First Rounder Stephon Tuitt - Lombardi Ave
Tuitt on getting drafted by Green Bay in the first round: "How would a baby feel getting a pacifier? I’d be so excited. It doesn’t matter where I go, I’d just be so excited."

2014 NFL free agency: Picking the ideal target for all 32 teams -
Here's an interesting take. An SBNation writer picks a big-name free agent who would be the best target for each team, and chooses OLB Jason Worilds for the Packers.

Bizarro Seahawks: What Seattle would look like if it followed experts' NFL mock draft advice -
Here's one thing I think we would be in favor of - if Russell Wilson had fallen to the fourth round and the Packers had drafted him instead of Jerron McMillian. That would have been awesome (and they probably would have won more games with Rodgers out this year).

Richie Incognito feud with Jonathan Martin turns ugly -
"How to alienate just about everybody", a one-tweet masterpiece by Richie Incognito.

Kirk Cousins trade: Redskins QB open to leaving -
Obvious news is obvious.