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Acme Podcasting Company: Wrapping up the NFL combine

Welcome to Acme Podcasting Company 2.0

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Scouting Combine wrapped up on Tuesday and we figured what with all the questions of "heart" and "desire" now was an appropriate time to put a bit more dedication into our podcasting efforts. As you might recall, our podcasts in the past have been full of potential, but let's face it, we took plays off. And by plays, I mean entire months. From now on, we'll be making a more concerted effort to do these much more often. Not only that, but we'll be focused on adding a bit more polish to the overall production value as well.

Obviously, we hope you listen and like what you hear. But bear with us. It'll be a work in progress to get things where we want them, but we've got some solid ideas and goals for adding some unique things and bringing in some fun guests. Last but not least, we want your help in making these podcasts good. If there's something you like, dislike or just want to make a suggestion, we're all ears. Your feedback will be instrumental in the evolution of Acme Podcasting Company. So make comments down below, or tweet at us let us know how we're doing.

To kick things off, our own Jason Hirschhorn and myself recap the NFL combine, what we'd do differently with it, some players the Packers might be targeting and we finish things off by discussing some recent Packers news.

Hope you enjoy:

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