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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 28, 2014

The reported salary cap number keeps increasing every day.


As the days roll on towards the start of free agency, the NFL's salary cap appears to be increasing a little bit each day. In today's curds, we look at the most recently-reported number, which is about $10 million higher than the 2013 cap. Of course, that gives some NFL teams more flexibility to overspend on free agents, while it will likely allow the Packers more opportunity to front-load some of the contract extensions and internal free agent signings they are likely to complete.

Also, we have a Packers trainer getting an award, a former Packer in legal trouble turning himself in, and a look at what would happen if Al Davis ran every team during this year's NFL draft. Eat up!

Packers’ Engel named NFC assistant athletic trainer of the year -
Congratulations to the Packers' assistant, who has been with the Packers for 17 years.

More stability on Green Bay Packers' offensive line - ESPN
It certainly seems that the talent level and consistency on the line will be greater than at any time in recent memory.

Darren Sharper surrenders to police on rape charges - ESPN
He now faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted in California.

Woodson on N-word, having a gay teammate - ESPN Wisconsin
We still <3 you, Charles.

The salary cap train has arrived in Dallas -
Vic: "(Jerry Jones) didn’t hear the train whistle in Dallas last year when he restructured all of those contracts? I heard it all the way in Green Bay."

NFL news: Salary cap reportedly set at $133 million, Luck would welcome Martin to Colts -
Speaking of the salary cap, that number keeps increasing every day. Now the reported value is up to $133 million, and we might know the final value today. It would be about time.

2014 Al Davis Memorial mock draft: Everyone needs athletes -
What if every team drafted like Al Davis did? The Packers would get OLB Lamin Barrow from LSU. Who?