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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for February 3, 2014

The Super Bowl-champion Seahawks and their GM get top billing in the first batch of curds of the official NFL offseason.

Seahawks GM John Schneider
Seahawks GM John Schneider
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL season is over, everyone. There are now 213 days until the next meaningful NFL game, which will pit the Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks, against an unknown opponent in the league's season-opening game on September 4th. Since the Packers will be traveling to Seattle at some point this season, it is entirely possible that they will be making that trip in week one.

Today's curds address some of the Packers connections on this Seahawks team, as well as some of the more amusing commercials from the game. Also in today's batch is a look at Eddie Lacy, the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year, and whether he'll be able to sustain his success.


Super Bowl 2014: Broncos 'beat themselves' in blowout loss to Seahawks -
I thoroughly disagree with that headline, though it doesn't really reflect the whole quote from MHR. The Seahawks beat the Broncos, period.

All drive, all heart: From De Pere to Seattle, Schneider has remained the same | Packersnews
Here's a look at one of Seattle's architects, a Green Bay-area native and former Packers scout and personnel director.

Former Packers All, the Paths of Ryan, Giacomini Inextricably Linked to Schneider | Cheesehead TV
And now they all have their first championship rings together.

Only question about Eddie Lacy is longevity - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
There are many parallels between Lacy and John Brockington, but Packers fans hope that Lacy's longevity doesn't follow the same trend.

More to Kevin Greene than just sacks? - Green Bay Packers Blog - ESPN
It's rather incredible that Greene, who excelled at rushing the passer but was still a great all-around linebacker, hasn't been inducted yet.

Super Bowl 48: A summary in GIF form -
Poor Omaha.

The absolute best 2014 Super Bowl commercials -
Good...but any list of commercials is woefully incomplete if it doesn't mention the yogurt commercial featuring John Stamos and the guys from "Full House".

Later today, we'll resume our offseason review series by looking at the cornerback position.