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Julius Peppers Will Wear Number 56 with Packers

Questions about his official position have been mostly put to rest today with the announcement of his number selection.

90's gone? Hmm. I'll have to think about this.
90's gone? Hmm. I'll have to think about this.

The Packers' newest big-name addition, Julius Peppers, has finally chosen the number he will wear with his new team for the 2014 season (and possibly beyond). The number comes as somewhat of a surprise, as many expected Peppers to stay in the 90s, since he wore 90 for his entire career in Carolina and Chicago.

Instead, the number selection confirms that the Packers view Peppers primarily as an outside linebacker, as he will wear a number more typically given to a player in that unit:

Number 90 is of course claimed, with B.J. Raji having those digits since his arrival in Green Bay in 2009. The other available numbers in the 90s were 91, 94, and 97. (92 is not taken, but is of course retired for Reggie White.) The NFL did begin allowing defensive linemen to wear numbers in the 50s in 2010, but this decision is still likely a result of Peppers' primary position being at linebacker.

Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin ran down a list of notable Packers who have worn number 56 in the past. The biggest name in recent memory was inside linebacker Nick Barnett.

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(For curiosity's sake, Peppers wore 49 on the football team while in college at North Carolina and wore 45 for the Tar Heels' basketball team.)