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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for April 18, 2014

Pass-catchers are the flavor of the day in today's curds.

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John Weast

Welcome to Friday, Packers fans. I hope this week has gone smothly and quickly for you and that you're able to relax this weekend in some rapidly-improving weather. Break out those grills and some bratwurst, flip on some baseball or the NHL playoffs, and enjoy the real beginning of spring.

Before we get to the weekend, though, we have some critical Packers-related links for you today, including pieces on receiving targets who could be appealing to the Packers in the draft three weeks from now. We also have a great tweet from a Packer who is feeling a little left out.


Journey of faith goes on for UW's Abbrederis | JSOnline
The important football things here is Abbrederis' performance against Bradley Roby, and the assessment by the Badgers' wide receivers coach, who said that Jared "double-moved (Roby) to death."

Packers' special teams seek consistency | Packersnews
Relevant and obligatory link: Ron Zook water-skiing.

Who's the biggest threat in the NFC North? |
I'm fairly certain that Vic just said that Derek Carr is the best quarterback in the draft this year.

Time to find the next big-play safety - ESPN
If the options at safety haven't been beaten into your brain completely yet, here's another one breaking down how badly the Packers need production out of that position after a disastrous 2013.

As Long as Finley Remains Unsigned, Amaro Could Be Receiving TE Packers Are Missing | Cheesehead TV
We just told you yesterday about Mel Kiper projecting Amaro to the Packers with their second-round pick, and his receiving ability is not in question; it would be nice to see some tape of Amaro trying to block once in a while, though.

NFL Draft 2014: What do you watch when evaluating tight ends? -
Obviously, I want a complete player at the position, but there appear to be fewer and fewer of those each year.

Finally, we have a Packer tweet that we found amusing from yesterday. There's an obvious trend here in this link, but the Packers' David Bakhtiari feels slighted by his omission: