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Packers Players Are Ready for Offseason Workout Program

The team's workouts begin on Tuesday, and players are already starting to make their way to Green Bay.


As is allowed by the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Green Bay Packers will begin their offseason workout program this Tuesday, April 22nd. As we mentioned yesterday, the team uses workout bonuses extensively in its players' contracts to encourage attendance.

For a few players, the trip north to Brown County has already begun. Cornerback Casey Hayward is apparently sick of the down time in the offseason and is looking forward to getting into town soon:

Second-year tight end Jake Stoneburner is also on his way from his hometown:

Since workouts start on Tuesday, most players will be traveling into town on Monday, which Jason Wilde confirmed. But after a long three and a half months since the Packers' playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers, many members of the team appear impatient to start working towards the team's 14th NFL championship.