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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for April 22, 2014

Draft. Draft draft draft. Draft draft draft. Draft draft draft.

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Wisconsin OL Ryan Groy talks at the Scouting Combine.
Wisconsin OL Ryan Groy talks at the Scouting Combine.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

In the interminable wait until the 2014 NFL Draft begins, people need to fill the void of football news with bloviating and ridiculousness. Nowhere is this better exemplified than on ESPN, and Merril Hoge is becoming a meme unto himself.

Aside from an article discussing that subject, we do have some serious draft analysis relating to our Green Bay Packers, and also a look back at the high-powered offense the team put on the field thirty years ago.

Now I'm going back to bed, so wake me up in 16 days when the draft starts.

Packers stars of 1980s recall an offense ahead of its time | JSOnline
What are your favorite memories of the Dickey/Lofton offense?

NFL draft - One more NFL draft question: Can he handle Twitter? | JSOnline
If you don't have a thick skin, don't be an athlete with a Twitter account. It's that simple.

Mailbag - Market only getting worse for running backs - ESPN
Considering that the general attitude towards running backs is to run the young ones into the ground, then replace them, it should be no surprise that veterans aren't getting big contracts any more.

NFL Draft: Athletic College Tackles that Could Be Centers in the NFL | Cheesehead TV
Having so many tackles who project to the interior of the line is why I think the Weston Richburg hype is a little overzealous (though we'll have a breakdown on him later on this morning).

2014 NFL Draft Guide Full 7-Round Mock Draft | Fanspeak's NFL Draft Blog
Some nice choices here - DB Lamarcus Joyner in the 2nd and WR Paul Richardson in the 3rd - and some that I strongly disagree with, like A.J. McCarron (and his reality show with Katherine Webb) with the 3rd-round compensatory pick.

Meet Hoge, the meme that's wrong about the NFL Draft -
"We should at least consider the possibility that it is actually Merril Hoge's job to be wrong, in the most strident possible way."

Finally, just in case you needed more confirmation that Aaron Rodgers is awesome, here you go:

We love you, Aaron. Never change.