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Green Bay Packers 2014 Schedule Preview: Opponents and Strength of Schedule

With the NFL announcing its schedule this evening, it's time to take one last look at who the Packers' opponents will be.

Jonathan Daniel

As a reminder in advance of the NFL's schedule announcement this evening, we already know the Packers' opponents for the 2014 season.

As always, the Packers play each of their NFC North rivals twice, once at home and once on the road. The three-year rotation against NFC divisions pits the Packers against the NFC South, and the AFC rotation puts the NFC North teams against the AFC East.

Division Home Games Road Games
NFC North Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings
NFC South Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
AFC East New England Patriots, New York Jets Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins
NFC East, West winners Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks

All told, the Packers have the 13th-toughest schedule in the NFL, based on their opponents' 2013 records. The toughest schedule belongs to the Oakland Raiders (who play in the same division as three 2013 playoff teams), while the easiest is that of the Indianapolis Colts, whose three division opponents all are picking in the first 11 picks of this year's draft.

The last time the Packers played the AFC East was in 2010, when they went on to win Super Bowl XLV. The NFC South was on the schedule in 2011, when the Packers swept all four games against that division on their way to a 15-1 record.