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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for April 28, 2014

Ted Thompson's draft track record is broken down by multiple media sources in today's links.

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We're finally making progress, everyone. There are 10 days left until the draft kicks off a week from Thursday, and the Packers are undoubtedly putting the final touches on their draft board. Ted Thompson's biggest contribution to the team's talent pool for 2014 is very much in question, as everyone seems to have differing opinions on what position is the likeliest target for the team in round one.

Ted's history is also a major topic of discussion around the blogs today, as we have several links looking back at his history by position, by round, and by other methods.

Ted Thompson, Ron Wolf share some draft tendencies with Packers | JSOnline
"So you're pretty certain, almost positive, that Ted Thompson is going to select either a safety or a tight end in the first round of the NFL draft May 8." Um...actually, I'm not so sure about that. I strongly believe that a linebacker or wide receiver would be the most likely options.

Preparing for NFL draft, QB Bryn Renner sticks to following Brett Favre | JSOnline
Well say this for Bryn Renner - the guy plays through pain a little like Favre did.

Draft analysis: Ranking Ted Thompson's defensive linemen | Packersnews
Raji, Jolly, and Daniels are the top three. I expect Datone Jones to make a quick rise up this list by the end of next year, though.

Infographic: Green Bay Packers 2014 Schedule |
This is great stuff from the Packers' media team.

Best and worst of the draft: Seventh round - ESPN
Brad Jones and B.J. Coleman are the options here...take a wild guess which is which.

San Francisco 49er fan sues NFL for $50M over Seattle Seahawks playoff tickets - ESPN
Good lord. Yeah, you personally suffered "economic descrimination and violation of public accommodation" in the quantity of $50 million. Sure.

Jimmie Ward 2014 NFL Draft scouting report -
A popular mock draft pick for the Packers gets the scouting report treatment from SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn. The more I read about Ward, the more I like.