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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for April 3, 2014

Draft. Free Agency. There isn't much more to discuss at this point.

Kevin C. Cox

I hope you came looking for news about Free Agency or the NFL Draft, because that's all we've got for today's cheese curds. All the news about the Green Bay Packers recently has covered those two topics, and with good reason; still, it would be nice to talk about a little on-field news once in a while. Sadly, we'll have to wait until the first round of OTAs sometime after April 21st.

Until then, eat up all the draft and free agency news you can!

Looking ahead at Packers' 2015 free agents - ESPN
I don't expect Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to be on that list when free agency actually starts in 2015.

What the Green Bay Packers can expect in the draft - ESPN
Here are each of the players over the past five years who have been drafted with the numbered overall picks that the Packers have in this year's NFL Draft.

Packers remain only team without UFA signing | Packersnews
I got comp picks, I got comp picks, I got ALLLLL comp picks.

Free agency shows Packers' true feelings about players | Packersnews
While Mike McCarthy says they wanted to keep James Jones and Evan Dietrich-Smith, their contracts with other teams in free agency tell a different story.

Packers Must Be Wary of Red Flags with Top Draft Prospects: Ebron, Mosley, Clinton-Dix | Cheesehead TV
Attitude, injuries, and decision-making - each of these is an issue with one of these top prospects, but would they affect your perception of them enough to drop them significantly on your draft board?

2014 NFL Draft rankings: The top 200 players available -
MOAR DRAFT RANKINGS. Here's SB Nation's list of the top players, which features a few surprises.

2014 NFL Draft: Taking a look at where Mike Mayock hit and missed over the years -
The thing I take away from this breakdown is this: the 2009 draft was really thin at defensive tackle. B.J. Raji was the only one of Mayock's top 5 that year who has made any substantial impact in the NFL, and even he has been disappointing in recent years.