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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for April 8, 2014

As the lines of responsibility for the defense blur, we await some sort of craziness to take place between the Packers' head coach and defensive coordinator.

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Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers' defense will likely be quite a bit different in 2014, and every major player in the organization will have a hand in that. Ted Thompson will no doubt draft several new players on defense, Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers will have (or already have had) discussions about the direction of that unit, and a new addition in Julius Peppers will be asked to play a key role. Also critical will be the new role envisioned for Micah Hyde.

Meanwhile, the Packers' receiving corps will be another interesting unit to keep an eye on this off-season, as the loss of James Jones could be offset by an expanded role for Jarrett Boykin or the addition of a new receiver through the draft. We have discussions about all that and more in today's links.

McCarthy, Capers balance their visions for Packers defense | JSOnline
I don't think we'll see McCarthy start throwing punches like Tom Cable did, but Mac has made it clear this offseason that he's in charge.

Who's Green Bay Packers' No. 1 WR: Randall Cobb? Jordy Nelson? Both? - ESPN
It's an interesting question, and one that depends on what your criteria is to consider a player a number one. That said, would anybody argue that Jordy fits that description?

Packers' John Kuhn still might have something to prove - ESPN
He's only got $100k guaranteed, so despite his new contract he'll still have to earn his spot on the 53-man roster. Safety not guaranteed.

Micah Hyde will be a player to watch in 2014 |
Starter at safety and candidate to move to the slot in the dime defense? That seems the likeliest scenario for Hyde at this point.

Brandin Cooks: More Than Just a Slot Receiver - Gallery Photo | Cheesehead TV
In other words, he's Randall Cobb in size but even faster and with more experience playing outside. I would love to see him in Green Bay, though it seems like value at other positions may prevent that from happening.

NFL offseason programs kick off for 7 teams -
The Packers don't get to start for another two weeks, since we don't have a new coach. We should be grateful for that.

Thursday Night Football schedule finally worth watching? -
I will continue to hope (as I do every year) that the only time the Packers play on a Thursday would be on Thanksgiving Day.