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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 1, 2014

The Packers' former GM has more influence than we ever expected throughout the NFL.

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The General Manager role in the NFL is a critical piece to a team's success, and Green Bay Packers fans will likely argue that that was never more clear than when Ron Wolf arrived in Green Bay and started the franchise's turnaround in 1992. Since then, the branches of the Ron Wolf executive tree have extended out through Ted Thompson and into numerous franchises across the league, including the Raiders, Chiefs, and Seahawks.

That tree is the focus of one of the articles in today's curds, as some of our SB Nation colleagues take a look at how Wolf influences their team even 13 years after his retirement.

Spheres of Influence: Ron Wolf and "The Packer Way" - Field Gulls
SB Nation's Seahawks blog breaks down how Ron Wolf's philosophy towards building the 1990s Packers now helps to guide John Schneider do the same in Seattle.

It's a great year, if you're looking for pass-catchers | JSOnline
At least the Packers won't be looking to draft a wideout in the top ten - the hit rate on great receivers in that area of the draft is less than 40%, according to Bob McGinn.

Online survey: Packers will go 14-2, lose to Seattle and New Orleans | Packersnews
I can't say I'm surprised that Packers fans have faith in their team. I am a little surprised that a couple of the games in November were as lopsided in this voting as they were.

Best and worst of the draft: Fifth round - ESPN
No, Rob. You MUST refer to Ingle Martin as "Ingle Martin IV." It's the law. Or at least it should be.

Jordan Matthews Credits Facing Casey Hayward for Receiver's Development | Cheesehead TV
I'm hoping Matthews gets plenty of opportunities to compete with Hayward again in practice this summer and fall.

NFL Draft 2014: Canadian Brent Urban banking on versatility -
Urban's got J.J. Watt-like size, and he would make an ideal 5-technique end to provide the Packers with some more depth behind Datone Jones. Fun fact: he would have made one heck of an imposing defenseman if he had stuck with hockey.

The NFL doesn't have a Donald Sterling, but these guys are no angels -
Don't forget that the Vikings' owner, Zygi Wilf, was found liable of fraud and racketeering. Why are pro sports owners such a weird and often dishonest group? Packers' owners excepted of course!