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Packers 2014 Draft: Expert Grades on the Rookie Class

The 2014 NFL Draft has concluded. That means it's time for grades for the Packers' incoming rookie class that we'll laugh about in 24 months.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As anyone who follows the NFL and has an internet connection knows, the day after the NFL Draft is reserved for pointless grading by the various draft pundits. This is an inherently silly exercise because so much of what makes a draft pick a success or failure - health, opportunity, work put in - can't be accurately estimated at this point in the process. After the players have a few years under their belt, perhaps then it's fair to grade a given team's draft class.

Unfortunately, that's not how the internet works. Grades come in from everywhere, and those from the draft experts of major media outlets like ESPN garner the most attention. I recommend viewing these as mere novelties rather than an actual baseline to judge the rookies.

Mel Kiper - Grade Need/Value: B-/B+

No one gets more flack for draft misevaluation than Mel Kiper. Some of that is fair (Jimmy Clausen anyone?), however he's not really much different than the other pundits. He grades the Packers' 2014 draft class as a B- in terms of addressing needs and a B+ in terms of value. He spotlights Ted Thompson's three wide receiver selections and Arizona State's Carl Bradford as reasons for his grades.

Todd McShay - Best Pick: Davante Adams

Todd McShay didn't grade the Packers' draft class, but he did nominate Davante Adams as the team's best draft pick. For a player viewed as a potential first rounder, acquiring him in the late second round is obvious value. The more interesting tidbit though is McShay's line about almost picking Khyri Thornton, "I almost went with third-round D-tackle Khyri Thornton for this one, as he has a quick first step and explosive power as a one-gap disruptor, and he helps Green Bay achieve its goal of getting more athletic along the defensive front."

Doug Farrar - Grade: A

Doug Farrar couldn't be more optimistic about the Packers' 2014 draft class. He calls all three receivers the team selected "underrated" and even praised the team's selection of Cal tight end Richard Rodgers.

So what do you think of the Packers' draft? Your grade is no less valid than the ones made by the people paid for their opinions. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Jason Hirschhorn covers the Green Bay Packers for Acme Packing Company. He also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Hook'em Headlines. His work has previously appeared on Beats Per Minute, Lombardi Ave, and College Hoops Net.