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Packers Rookie Camp 2014, Day 2: Ted Thompson Press Conference

Packers GM Ted Thompson spoke on Saturday with the media after the second day of rookie orientation.


Packers GM Ted Thompson spoke with the media today after day two of rookie orientation camp. Below is a wrap-up of some of the always interesting things he had to say, as reported by the beat writers on Twitter.

Regarding rookie camp weekend….

We had a great weekend, it’s always exciting to see the new guys come in and hop in a uniform and Packer helmet. We had players here this weekend that were on our practice squad last year. Draft choices, college free agents, and tryout players.

When will tryout players be signed….

It’ll be a couple of days before we sort all that out.

On the tryout players….

We know the things we’re looking for. We know the things that aren’t too good we’re hoping we don’t see. We’ve done a lot of video work and research beforehand.

Why did they bring in TE Colt Lyerla….

Did a lot of work on Colt. He’s a very talented athlete, and we interviewed him at the combine. He’s a young man that made some mistakes, but felt like he was worth bringing in.

On weighing talent vs. troubles….

You weigh it all. I’ve always believed that there are certain things people can atone for and get on with their lives.

When asked how many drafts he has left and how he is doing….

I’m just getting started. I feel pretty good.

On his personal plan….

I don’t really have one. I’ve never had one. I wouldn’t anticipate doing anything different.

On certainty that he will stay through his current deal that ends in ’16….

Certainty is a fairly strong word. I’m feeling good and ready to go.

What keeps him going….

The chase. When you’re in the scouting business it’s the chase. It’s the hope of finding that diamond that no one else has.

Finding UDFA’s….

We are huge proponents of college free agents. It’s a credit to our coaching staff to take these guys and get them ready.

The overview of his draft class….

Hard for me to do. I was concentrating more on the tryout guys and guys we’re trying to make decisions on.

On the current format of the NFL Draft….

We are very comfortable with the current setup.

On late-round philosophy….

We strictly went by the board this year. We tried to pick the best player available.

Regarding the medical situations of Jermichael Finley and Johnny Jolly….

I don’t want to get into Johnny Jolly's and Jermichael Finley's medical situations.

That’s it for Thompson on day two of camp. We’ll have more news and notes as camp continues.