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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 22, 2014

Today's curds are a grab bag of randomness with no regard for any semblance of a consistent topic...just the way we like them.

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Packers LB Carl Bradford (91) at rookie camp
Packers LB Carl Bradford (91) at rookie camp
Mike McGinnis

This is probably one of the slowest weeks of the year for those of us who spend time covering the Green Bay Packers. There's no rookie camp or OTAs to cover, but the draft is over so we can't spend the week talking about scouting reports or free agency.

That's a big reason why today's curds are a giant mess of randomness, with some stories on rookie players and their possible fits in the Packers' systems, a look ahead to fantasy football, and some draft grades, among other things.

Enjoy the variety today, folks!

NFL draft grades are in — for 2011 | JSOnline
That 2011 draft class looks ugly, aside from Randall Cobb. Rob Reischel gives the Packers a D, and only five teams have worse grades than that, though the Chicago Bears are one of them.

Packers FB Ina Liaina: 'I’m here to compete' | JSOnline
"I have a lot to prove going up against John (Kuhn). John knows every position on the offense, so it’s kind of tough for me."

Inside man? Green Bay Packers' Carl Bradford an outside linebacker . . . for now | FOX Sports on MSN
"For now" being the key word. The Packers have been known to transition outside linebackers to the inside - both Brad Jones and Jamari Lattimore made that transition in recent years.

Ryan White Provides Packers with a Multi-Dimensonal Threat | Cheesehead TV
The undrafted rookie defensive back from Auburn has some interesting qualities, but the most important is the versatility to play both corner and safety.

Seven Green Bay Packers among fantasy top 200 - ESPN
Here's a reminder that fantasy football drafts will be coming up in the next few months. For the first time in a great while, Aaron Rodgers is not the top-ranked Packer in fantasy football.

Aldon Smith of San Francisco 49ers pleads no contest to three felonies, misdemeanor DUI - ESPN
For anyone who's curious, a "no contest" plea is not technically an admission of guilt, but it generally carries the same or similar penalties as a guilty plea.

Ndamukong Suh says he chose the Lions in the 2010 NFL Draft -
In other words, Suh is insinuating that he could have pulled an Eli or an Elway if he didn't want to play for the team that drafted him. Real nice.

We've waited too long for NFL Ugly Sweaters -
I don't mean to be that guy, but we found these sweaters for you back in a Cheese Curds in February. For once, APC is ahead of the curve!