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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Contract Terms: Packers Will Pay Safety Over $8.3 Million

We now know the approximate details of the contract agreed upon by the Packers and their first-round draft pick.

Mike McGinnis

Yesterday, we found a report stating that the Green Bay Packers had agreed to contract terms with their first-round pick, safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Today, we have a follow-up which goes over the specifics of the former Alabama player's new deal.

As with all rookie contracts, those numbers are for four years. Furthermore, under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, first-round picks' base salaries are fully guaranteed, which essentially makes the entire contract fully guaranteed.

However, as a first-round pick, the Packers will have the ability to exercise a fifth-year option after the first three years of the deal are complete (after the 2016 season). Since Clinton-Dix was chosen with the 21st pick in the draft, that fifth-year salary would be equivalent to the average of the third-highest-paid through the 25th-highest-paid players at the safety position.

Overall, the deal is a slight increase over the contract signed by last year's 21st pick, tight end Tyler Eifert of the Cincinnati Bengals. His deal is worth $8.256 million, so Clinton-Dix will earn about 1 percent more on his contract than Eifert.

As of the NFL's transaction report for May 29th, Clinton-Dix still has not officially signed his contract yet. However, it seems reasonable to expect that he will be listed on the report when Friday's report is released this afternoon.

Clinton-Dix took second-team snaps at safety on Thursday during the Packers' open practice. However, safeties coach Darren Perry said that even though Micah Hyde worked with the starters, "it's too early to tell" if he will stay at safety for the long term.