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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 5, 2014

Three more days...


We've finally arrived at draft week, Green Bay Packers fans. If you think that the bloviating from draftniks and NFL blogs (this one included) has been bad so far, just watch what happens over the next three days.

True story: this is how I know that the draft getting moved back a week was a bad idea. I actually woke up in a cold sweat last night after dreaming that the Eagles had traded up with the Cardinals for the 20th pick and took the last available player who I wanted the Packers to draft at #21. Commissioner, please don't do this to us again next year.

On to the curds.

Packers' original goal post finds place in history | Packersnews
Amidst all the draft nonsense, there are pieces of news that are curious and interesting and have nothing to do with this week's draft. This is one such piece, which talks about a really cool part of Packers history.

Packers draft preview: Thompson may consider developmental QB in later rounds | Packersnews
I'm squarely on the Logan Thomas bandwagon, as long as he's picked sometime on Day 3.

Murphy Takes Five: New East Gate to feature Lombardi Trophy |
According to the Packers' President and CEO, the Lambeau Field Atrium renovations are on schedule and should open in July as planned.

Video Analysis: The Underrated Athleticism of Iowa's Fiedorowicz & Morris | Cheesehead TV
Ted Thompson has drafted more players from Iowa than any other school, and these two are candidates to continue that trend.

Featured User Mocks: NFC North | Fanspeak's NFL Draft Blog
I will say that I would not be surprised if Ted Thompson ends up with five picks in the top 100, as the mock draft for the Packers here suggests. I would probably be reasonably happy if things worked out like they did here.

Teddy Bridgewater and Mike Mayock's existential crisis -
Let me just say that, as usual, I am grateful that the Packers' success does not rely on drafting a young quarterback with the intent to make him the starter.

The Notebook: Dee Ford is no 'blind dog in a meat market' -
Well, based on this, I hope Ford isn't the Packers' pick at 21. If he's there in round two, then I'd strongly consider him.

NFL quotable: Texans still mulling what to do with top pick -
Of course Jerry Jones and his son want the Draft to come to Jerry World. Because why wouldn't they? It's more money in their pockets.