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Packers 2014 Games: Point Spreads Announced for 10 Games

The Packers are favored in eight of the ten games which have early point spreads available.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is always a huge money-maker for Las Vegas casinos, and the 2014 will likely be no different. The Las Vegas Hotel (formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton) is one of the first casinos to release odds for games past week one, releasing odds this morning for 80 more games in 2014.

The Hilton announced spreads for each Week 1 matchup about two weeks ago.

Of interest for Green Bay Packers fans are nine games whose odds were just released. In addition to the season-opener in Seattle against the Seahawks which was announced earlier, here are the spreads for the other games which are now available for betting in Vegas:

Week Opponent Favorite/Underdog Point Spread
1 @ Seahawks Underdog +5.5
3 @ Lions Favorite -2
4 @ Bears Favorite -1
5 vs. Vikings Favorite -9
7 vs. Panthers Favorite -5.5
8 @ Saints Underdog +3.5
10 vs. Bears Favorite -6.5
11 vs. Eagles Favorite -4.5
14 vs. Falcons Favorite -6.5
17 vs. Lions Favorite -3.5

Is anyone surprised that the Packers are heavy favorites in several of these games? They are only underdogs in two of ten games, and in the eight games that they are favored, the spread is more than 5 points in half of them. In fact, the line against the Vikings in week 5 is the second-largest spread of any game known so far, behind only the Eagles-Jaguars game in week 1 which has Philadelphia favored by 11.

As always, point spreads are given for entertainment purposes only.