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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 6, 2014

With two days to go, we look at Louis Nix, Sam Barrington, and a number of other players who will play into the Packers' draft plans.

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Two more days to go. As of this publication, we have just under 59 hours until the 2014 NFL Draft finally gets underway.

As has been the norm over the past few weeks, we have draft links from a number of sources. Frankly, writing recaps of curds that are about the draft has become tiresome for me and I'm sure it has become tiresome for you reading them, so we'll just leave it at that and get straight to the links.

Corey Chavous on Packers needs, ILB debate, Van Noy, Richburg, safety fits - JSOnline
The former NFL safety has some interesting opinions on this year's draft class, including a surprising choice as the top linebacker in the draft.

Thompson turns losses into gains with compensatory picks | Packersnews
Denver, Arizona, and New Orleans have the fewest compensatory picks since 2006, with two each. The Packers have 13 in that span.

Afternoon preseason game a rarity - ESPN
I actually didn't realize how unusual an afternoon preseason game was until Rob pointed it out.

Five Years Later, the 2009 NFL Draft May Be the Worst Ever | Grantland
Yeah maybe, but we got Clay Matthews out of it so it wasn't all bad for Packers fans.

Barrington might be name worth remembering |
We did have high hopes for Sam Barrington a year ago, but the 7th-round pick got hurt and had an expectedly slow learning curve in his rookie year. If the Packers' don't draft an inside linebacker early, Barrington will be asked to take a bigger role in year two.

2014 NFL Draft: Which draft slot offers teams most success? -
This is a really interesting look at draft positions in the first round, and how the 24th pick in the draft (think Aaron Rodgers and Ed Reed) has the second-best Career Average Value of any pick in round one since 2002.

The Notebook: Is Louis Nix III the best of both worlds? -
Long story short, Stephen White sees Nix as being extremely quick in a short area, but also extremely slow when moving a greater distance. I still would like him in round 2 as a two-down nose tackle, though.

Now go enjoy your Tuesday while making fun of your clients.