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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 7, 2014

The countdown is finally at one...

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Al Bello

The longest NFL offseason in recent memory has nearly reached its premier event: the 2014 NFL Draft is tomorrow. This interminable wait will finally wrap up tomorrow night at 7, when the Houston Texans go on the clock. Check out everything you need to know about how to tune into the draft in our Draft Primer, and enjoy the slog through the last draft-less day of the week.with some curds below.

Ted Thompson's early selections at receiver have paid off | JSonline
I always wonder how Terrence Murphy's career would have fared if not for a career-ending injury. Murphy was, of course, Thompson's first wide receiver draft pick, in round 2 in 2005.

Five questions for Packers that need answers | JSonline
I bet you can guess the first one: Can the Packers stay healthy?

Draft Day 101: Matthews' pro tips for NFL draft picks | Packersnews
Clay's back in the ad biz, this time for GMC with a couple of amusing ads featuring lessons for new draft picks.

Ted Thompson leads Packers into another draft |
The Packers' draft "dope sheet" is out, and it features a ton of great historical information on the Packers' actions in the draft.

Trey Wolfe is ready: A long and complicated journey to NFL Draft obscurity -
Trey Wolfe has gone through a ton of issues to get on the NFL's doorstep - most of them his own doing - but he has grown up and could be an impact corner for an NFL team someday.

Is Bridgewater really *that* skinny? Comparing 39 NFL QBs' college BMIs -
Okay, so Bridgewater is somewhat skinny by NFL QB standards. He's still bulkier than successful QBs like Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, and Tom Brady were when they entered the league.

2014 NFL Draft: Looking at teams that could target late-round QBs -
I'm still on the Logan Thomas bandwagon.