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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 12, 2014



Jim Harbaugh did something that Green Bay Packers fans won't hate.

I'm serious.

Now that I have your attention, welcome to Thursday's edition of cheese curds, which is a little heavier on the video than usual. We've got Jordy Nelson mashing taters, some film study on exotic personnel groupings, and a great ad by Harbaugh and his wife. Really.


Secondary turns to tennis for more interceptions | Packersnews
This is a fascinating way to for the defensive backs to work on improving their hand-eye coordination in the hopes of picking off more balls this season.

Inside Slant: Offseason financial health - ESPN
Here's your friendly reminder that Julius Peppers carries a higher salary cap charge for the Chicago Bears in 2014 than he does for the Green Bay Packers. Furthermore, only two NFL teams have less dead money on their 2014 cap than the Packers do.

Packers WR Jordy Nelson Blasts Homer - ESPN Video - ESPN

Things to Think about for 2014: Personnel Packages | Cheesehead TV
Robert Olson takes a look at the five-wide packages on offense and the "Psycho" and "dollar" defensive setups.

Which NFL teams have the best running backs? -
If you ask me, I'd put the Packers' stable of backs ahead of at least the Bengals, but then again I see the world through Green and Gold-colored lenses.

Jimmy Graham's grievance hearing a pivotal battle of semantics -
The collective bargaining agreement states that that players will be tendered at the position at which "the Franchise Player participated in the most plays during the prior League Year." That's why this argument has reached the hearing phase.

Sarah & Jim Harbaugh's Dockers commercial is the best you'll see today (and maybe all offseason - Niners Nation
Okay, I don't think there's a Packers fan out there who likes Jim Harbaugh, but at least he isn't afraid to poke fun at himself - and his wife is more than happy to do so as well. This is pretty great.