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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 13, 2014

Two prominent Packers answered questions on Thursday and though they're at different stages of their careers, they each have a great perspective on football and life in general.

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On Thursday, two of my personal favorite Green Bay Packers were interviewed, one by local media and another by the fans in an online Q&A. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and defensive end Mike Daniels are very different players and people. Though one is a superstar with an MVP award and the other is entering his third year in the league, both of them take an admirable approach to football and express their opinions and drives in these pieces.

Take a scroll through both interviews, and come on back here to discuss.

Rodgers Q&A: Writing his character | ESPN Wisconsin
Aaron Rodgers opens up to Jason Wilde about his personal life, his perspective after turning 30, and his health.

Packers DT Mike Daniels fan chat transcript |
This is my favorite part: "Coach Capers' defense is tougher. I will make sure of that :)"

For Packers, Having a Mature Team Means Having Mature Young Players | Cheesehead TV
Daniels is one example of the kind of player that the Packers need - a young player whose effort level and drive will rub off on rookies.

Packers' Jarrett Boykin ready for challenge | JSOnline
Boykin is another young, mature player, and though he reportedly doesn't talk much, when he does he makes it count: "I want to be a Pro Bowl receiver. I want to have 1,000 yards, I want to have big-time touchdowns — 10-plus touchdowns. Those are things that you want to do as a player. If you're not striving for those things, then what are you playing for?"

Which NFL team is best at building through the draft? -
The Packers are among the best in the league at retaining first-round draft picks (9) and giving jobs to undrafted free agents (28 on the current 90-man roster).

An interview with Dr. James Andrews, the man who's operated on all your favorite athletes - Vox
Just who is this mysterious doctor, whose name seemingly appears whenever a superstar athlete suffers a major injury?