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Which Green Bay Packers from History Are Most Underrated?

Fans love to talk about the best players in their team's history, but who are some of the best Packers who do not get enough credit?

Bart Starr is probably not a correct answer to this question.
Bart Starr is probably not a correct answer to this question.

Before you answer the question, let me say that I (and every other sane Packers fan) think that Jerry Kramer should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and that by that reason alone, he's an obvious answer.

There, now that's out of the way.

Today, we want to ask Green Bay Packers fans a simple question: which former Green Bay Packers do not receive enough credit for their contributions to the franchise?

I brought up Kramer above because Packers fans recognize his value to the team in the 1960s, and we all acknowledge his greatness. What we are really looking for is players whom you feel that Packers fans themselves do not appreciate properly.

I'll throw a few names out there for whom I feel were underappreciated over the past few decades to get the discussion started. First, I'll mention Bryce Paup. As a pass-rushing linebacker for the Packers' early-90s defense, Paup recorded 32.5 sacks in a four-year span and deserved every bit of his 1994 Pro Bowl nomination before departing for Buffalo. The fact that Paup's best season as a pro came the year after he left should not detract from how good a player he was for the Packers prior to that point.

A second player I would nominate from the Mike Holmgren era is cornerback Doug Evans. He entered the league in 1993 as a 6th-round draft pick, a far cry from the fanfare of Terrell Buckley or Craig Newsome who were both first-rounders. However, Evans was the best of the bunch, and he had a 1996 season easily worthy of Pro Bowl recognition (which he did not receive) by posting 3 sacks, 5 interceptions, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Playing all but one game in his five years with the Packers, he started all but two from 1994-1997 and was a critical reason why the Packers could move safety LeRoy Butler around the defense - because they could count on lock-down coverage from Evans.

Now we turn it to you, Packers fans. Who are some underappreciated Packers who don't get the love that you feel they deserve?