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Julius Peppers Liked Donovan McNabb and Krispy Kreme and Was Really Awkward

Because it's the off-season and it's hilarious.

We here at Acme Packing Company often find ourselves pondering life's big questions. What's the key to happiness? Are we alone in the universe? What's the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything? And finally, just what the hell is going on in this photo of Julius Peppers from 2001?

Granted, Lifehouse had the #1 selling song that year, so we were all a bit confused, but a Donovan McNabb jersey? Ok, I suppose if that's your thing. But what really throws this photo into bizzaro world are the Krispy Kreme donuts. I like that it kind of hints at McNabb being fat for most his career, but really it's just kind of strange. If Nolan Nawrocki were around at the time, he definitely would have labeled Peppers a glory boy for hounding what looks like nearly a half box of glazed goodness. You just can't pull that in the pros, son.

Anyway, someone needs to show Peppers this during training camp and get an explanation. Or at least show it to Frankie 'Ol' Bag of Donuts' Winters for his take. Thankfully for Peppers, the king of draft awkwardness still belongs to Brett Favre and his thigh-hugging jorts:

Never forget.