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Switzerland Fans Wear Cheeseheads at World Cup

If you were still looking for another rooting interest at the World Cup, look no further.

It's official. After discussing the World Cup earlier this week and trying to figure out who Green Bay Packers fans should cheer for, we've made a horrible mistake. Thankfully, our colleagues at SB Nation have pointed it out to us and we are able to rectify it.

Get ready to fall in love with the Swiss fans:

They come from a small country, while the Packers come from a small city. We both wear blocks of cheese upon our heads to our favorite teams' games. HOW DID WE NOT THINK OF THIS BEFORE?

What could possibly make them seem more like Packers fans?

Oh. Well now you've gone and done it, @SBNationGIF. Now we're die-hard Switzerland fans, even if they are down 3-0 to France right now.

Still, even with a loss today they should have a good chance to advance out of Group E, likely needing a win against Honduras in their final game in a few days. If that happens? Trade in the cheddar for swiss, Packers fans.

Let's get neutral.