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2015 NFL Draft: Could Last 4 Days and Will Not Be at Radio City Music Hall

The NFL's premier offseason event will be on the move next year, both in terms of which weekend it will take place as well as its venue.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft will look far different from the 2014 version.

At least, the logistics of the event will be a major departure from what has been done in recent years. According to's Ian Rapoport, the league will not hold the Draft at Radio City Music Hall like it has since 2006, and is investigating other sites which could host it.

In addition to the change in venue, the league is blocking out four-day increments in the event that it wishes to go ahead with the idea to expand the Draft out to a fourth day:

As a fan and someone who covers the Draft, I much prefer to have the event condensed, and I remain confident that the two-day weekend Draft format (which existed prior to 2010) is the best way to go. However, the league continues to draw record television ratings each year since the addition of a third day and the move to Prime Time, and they appear to be continuing on the path of expansion.

Note that those two blocks of dates each run from Wednesday to Saturday.

As Rapoport noted in the first tweet above, the three largest cities in the United States are the leading candidates to host the event. The Dolby Theatre (formerly the Kodak Theatre) is one logical venue in Los Angeles, as it is the current host of the Academy Awards and already is an ideal venue for both the Draft itself and the celebrity and red-carpet aspects of the event. There would be quite a bit of irony in the draft being held in a city which does not have an NFL team, however.

Apparently, those three cities are not the only ones with an interest in hosting the event. Surprise, surprise: Dallas is also on the list of interested parties, and it seems only logical that Jerry Jones would be clamoring to host the event at AT&T Stadium.

Thankfully, this should all be settled by the end of the month, as Schefter notes. Wherever the draft is held, you can count on Acme Packing Company to cover it, and we will make every attempt to put someone at the site of the action next April/May.