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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 16, 2014

Wherein we remember the great defenses of the 1990s and their mastermind.

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

There are just nine more days until the Green Bay Packers report to training camp. Nine more days of the most sluggish period on the NFL calendar before we can get back to padded practices, players riding children's bicycles, and real, legitimate football news.

Until then, we have speculation, rankings, and further discussions of the Packers' financial numbers to tide us over in today's cheese curds, while APC breaks down the outside linebacker position. On to the links!

What assistant coaches rank as Packers' best? | JSOnline
Fritz Shurmur was the best. Said linebacker Ron Cox: "I swear he dreamed some of those defenses up while ice fishing on some frozen lake in the dead of winter."

Green Bay Packers' financial data shows how an NFL team can make money in any market - Vox
It's basically all thanks to the NFL's national TV deals.

Countdown to camp: Matt Flynn incumbent at backup QB |
Mike Spofford predicts that Scott Tolzien will get the majority of the snaps in the preseason to see if he can avoid the mistakes that plagued him last season.

Packers K Mason Crosby Off Incentivized Contract, Does He Lack Motivation? | Cheesehead TV
It's an interesting question, considering that Crosby's best season came with the threat of losing his job and/or most of his salary.

NFL Most Memorable Plays: Vote for the most memorable play in NFL history - SportsNation - ESPN
Bart Starr's Ice Bowl sneak is up against the Jaguars' best play, a touchdown from Mark Brunell to Jimmy Smith. Do what you have to do, Packers fans.

The most shareable NFL moments of the 1980s -
This is fun, even though there were no Packers involved (obviously, because it was the 80's). Can you imagine the reaction on social media if Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Thiesmann's leg in 2014?

LSU and Wisconsin running toward the future in Week 1 Texas showdown -
For the Badger fans out there (and any Tigers fans, I guess) this is an awesome breakdown of one of Week 1's best matchups in all of college football.