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Jermichael Finley Hints at Trip to Green Bay, but Purpose Unknown

The former Packers tight end is back in the news for a tweet implying a return to Green Bay.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Always the master of the cryptic tweet, free agent tight end Jermichael Finley is back at it again.

We learned earlier this week that Finley was having additional tests performed on his injured neck. Now, he is dropping hints that something may be changing with that free agent status and that something is going on involving the Green Bay Packers:

What does that mean? Well, that's certainly open to interpretation. Finley has made it clear that he wants to come back to Green Bay, but nothing substantial had changed with his status yet.

Does this mean that Finley is trying again to convince the Packers' medical staff that he is physically ready to play football again? Could it even mean that Finley's scans were sent to the staff and that they've already seen what they need to see, and that he's coming to the Packers on a new contract?

However, it could be unrelated to football entirely. Perhaps Finley is trying to close a deal to sell his house. We have this report from ESPN's Rob Demovsky, which suggests that Finley's taking a trip to Green Bay for a personal reason:

Combined with this tweet from Finley's wife, this may just be an attempt to sell their home.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, Finley remains the master of cryptic tweet.

UPDATE (3:30 PM CT): As identified by APC commenters Ozthecheesehead and Matub in the comments section of this post, the Wisconsin Court Access system shows that a conference has been scheduled in the State Circuit Court relating to divorce proceedings between Finley and his wife. This conference is scheduled for Friday morning. Our condolences go out to Jermichael, Courtney, and their children as they go through this difficult process.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin, Finley is apparently also going to meet with Packers doctor Pat McKenzie while he is in town to follow up on his recent scans. Wilde also notes that there is "nothing imminent" between the Packers and Finley, though.