APC Open Thread #90: Show Me What You Got, Raji

Ronald Martinez

Several notable Green Bay Packers have worn the number 90 over the years. Vonnie Holliday was among the best. Ezra Johnson was up there. Linebacker Tony Bennett has the most sacks in a single season for any Packer wearing the number with 13.5 back in 1992.

But let's face it - despite his dip in play since the Super Bowl season in 2010, the player we think of as number 90 for the Packers is B.J. Raji. Here are Raji's greatest hits in Youtube form to kick off some Open Thread foolishness as we wait a few more short days for training camp to start.

Show us what you got, what you got Raji (skip ahead to the 0:30 mark)...

As usual, the typical rules apply:

1: Don't be a d-bag.
3: No NSFW pictures. If it's questionably not safe for work, don't post it either.
4. People need to vent sometimes. This is where many of us come to do so - that means be warned that there may be foul language present here. You have been warned.
5. Please avoid discussions about religion and politics. I know it's an "Open" thread, but as we've seen, that can quickly get out of hand.

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