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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 24, 2014

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In a media-heavy edition of curds, we look ahead to this morning's Packers shareholders' meeting.

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John Grieshop

Players are to report tomorrow. Shareholders are to report today.

That's the schedule for the rest of this week for the Green Bay Packers, as the team will host its annual shareholders meeting at 11 AM Central Time this morning. If you can't attend in person, we've got some options for how to follow along below.

In addition to the meeting, we have video from yesterday's ceremony announcing the renaming of a street after head coach Mike McCarthy, a pair of Packers who will be making regular radio appearances, and Jay Cutler doing Jay Cutler things.


Live coverage: Packers shareholders meeting at 11 a.m. - JSOnline
Since APC isn't able to have a representative attending the shareholder's meeting in person this year, here's a good place to keep up with the events and announcements live later this morning.

About 12,000 expected for Packers annual meeting |
It sounds like it should be a gorgeous day for a meeting in the stadium bowl.

ONLINE EXTRA: Watch the entire Mike McCarthy Way ceremony | FOX 11 Online
On Wednesday, the city of Ashwaubenon announced the renaming of Potts Avenue to Mike McCarthy Way, and Fox 11 has the video of the entire ceremony (hat tip to Cheesehead TV for the find).

'Tauscher and Kuhn' join Sports Central to talk Packers - TODAY'S TMJ4
The Packers' former right tackle has been getting into broadcasting since his retirement, and he'll be hosting a radio show with the current Packers fullback on 620 WTMJ this season.

Packers' Eckberg retires; Kirby named video director |
It's not a glamorous position, but Bob Eckberg has presided over the team's video programs through numerous technology changes. Best of luck to him in his retirement and to Chris Kirby, who will take on the position.

Jay Cutler drives a conversion van now -
This is just too good. The best part is Cutler getting snippy with the media for calling it a minivan.