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APC Packers Mailbag: Long Snappers, Neck Injuries, and the Perfect Packer Defender

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In the first edition of "Ask Harsha!", one of APC's writers attempts to answer questions posed by APC's loyal readers.


Editor's note: Welcome to the first edition of "Ask Harsha!" We've all got a little Vic Ketchman in us, so APC's Harsha Sridhar decided to open up a mailbag to APC and do his best to respond to questions with some insight and maybe a little sarcasm. Enjoy!

If money was no object and neither was a roster spot, what active player in the NFL would you magically put into the Packers' starting lineup? And why? (Also, it can't be Megatron because that answer is boring.)

Give me Luke Kuechly. That's a DPOY-type talent who's young and fits a major need for Green Bay. He's also the defensive leader that makes great defenses great. During the Super Bowl run, Charles Woodson and Desmond Bishop were particularly passionate leaders. Kuechly could step into that role. Bonus: If we're playing Madden, I'll take Jimmy Graham. How do you stop a team with Rodgers, Lacy, Kuhn, Graham and possibly Davante Adams in the red zone?

Considering that the Packers tend to let 4 or 5 players go every year that make other teams, forecasts call for 2 backup QB's, and our PS squad is regularly poached... do you think having a dedicated long snapper is a wise decision to have on our roster? Couldn't we just teach one of our TEs, LBs, or O-linemen how to do the job and free up a roster spot? Or is Goode just that damn Goode to leave off the team?

HS: I have a feeling that letting Goode go would be akin to last year's situation of not really taking the backup QB position all that seriously. Chances are that you'll be fine, but if the replacement botches the snap for what could be a winning field goal in the Seattle game? This time, the replacement refs won't be the ones getting the glare of Packers Nation. Short answer: We probably could, especially considering the talent that you mentioned, but on a team which figures to be kicking lots of extra points and field goals, I don't think it would be a wise idea to.

Are Packers fans winsome? Is it players or not plays?

Lemme tell you about an interview I had one time with 'Mean' Joe Greene. Well, I didn't have the interview, actually. I read an article about another guy who interviewed Greene. Anyhoo, he was cornered at his locker after a blowout loss, and essentially, he said that the defensive coordinator shouldn't be fired, because the loss was on the backs of the players. I don't think this ever happened, but if it did, it would have illustrated my example well. I guess. Next...

Hey Harsha!!! Any ideas on ways to skirt the "F-bomb" while keeping the impact of that wonderful term intact?

Cursing isn't winsome.

Why do you think we, historically, have had problems with neck injuries? Is it a problem with the training staff, or do the football gods just not shine down upon the Pack?

I've tried to search for a logical explanation. I've given up. I guess this is karma's way of avenging our thirteen championships.

It recently discovered that the Patriots don't have any former NFL players as coaches. Do you think this is a good strategy? I know it's said that "those who can't do, teach", but I always thought some NFL experience would help a coach relate better.

With Belichick? I think Bill hires guys who he can count on to a) demonstrate knowledge of football's theoretical intricacies and b) cooperate with him. Perhaps he finds former players to be too fiery? I can imagine Belichick glaring at an assistant who speaks out against his strategy. I think the Bill Belichick coaching tree (or lack thereof) demonstrates this. If a great team has system players, a great coaching has system assistants. Perhaps non-players fit in better.

It's often talked about that Aaron throws the "perfect back-shoulder fade." With Cobb and Nelson coming up on new deals, if one of them goes to another team, do you think they'll put up similar production without '12' throwing them the ball?

Like Brandon mentioned, it depends on who the new quarterback is. If, say, they're sent to Minnesota, I think they'll have more success than Jennings, but not by much. IF you put them with a player like Alex Smith, then perhaps they can put up similar numbers. The chemistry they have with Rodgers, however, is unique. So, yes, they might have similar statistics, but perhaps it'll take more targets or they'll have a harder time coming through in the clutch. Having the top quarterback in the league in his prime certainly helps.

Can Colt Lyerla finally signal the death knell to the FB position in Green Bay? It's well-documented I don't like John Kuhn as a person but it's not personal. I believe that Lyerla can offer more in the running and blocking games than Kuhn can.

It's not impossible, but Lyerla would have to block like a truck. Kuhn's timely chip on Peppers made the playoffs happen for Green Bay last year. I don't think the coaching staff will forget it that soon. When the Packers come out in the shotgun formation, having Kuhn back there to block is preferable. If Lyerla can show the same capability, I don't see a reason to keep the fullback on the roster anymore. That's a huge 'if' though.

When the fat lady has sung, how many of Aaron's fingers are blanketed in Super Bowl rings?

Three is my guess. XLV was the first, obviously. In the next two or three years, I think he gets another, what with the defense on the upswing and a real running game and plenty of receiving talent. Towards the last three years of his career, I think the Packers, with John Schneider as their new boss man, surround Rodgers with talent in hope of one last shot at glory. He gets it, in a closely fought battle with none other than Oakland and their star quarterback Marcus Mariota. You heard it here first.

Even though Elway sucked out loud in XXXII, the Broncos won. In XXXIII he won his 2nd straight and retired.
I always thought that left a bad taste in Brett’s mouth. It seemed like he wanted to ride off into the sunset after winning his 2nd ring. If the Packers had won Favre his back-to-back Superbowls, do you think the whole Jets-Vikings-Penis thing would have gone down? Or would Favre have just hung up his gun belt and disappeared when his time came?

With a guy with Favre, it's so hard to predict, but, yes, I believe that the ensuing fiasco still would've occurred. Had he won the second one, I think he'd be gunning for three. He didn't seem like the kind of guy who would've been content. Now, if we had won the Super Bowl in 2007, I think he steps away for good. It's a perfect finish for his career, slaying the undefeated Pats to bring the Lombardi back to Titletown.

If you could create the perfect defensive player out of former Packers, who would you combine?

I'd want the speed of Sam Shields, the tackling of Ray Nitschke, the heart of Reggie White, the playmaking ability of Willie Wood, and the hair of Clay Matthews. Oh, and give me the trash talk of Mike Daniels.


That brings to a conclusion our first 'Ask Harsha!' Special thanks to Matub for helping us get to eleven questions! I'll start a FanPost for the next 'Ask Harsha!' soon enough, and I'll post whenever we get ten more.