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Aaron Rodgers Among Favorites to Win 2014 NFL MVP Award

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It's no surprise that the 2011 MVP is among the favorites to earn that honor in 2014.

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Las Vegas is a fascinating place, and sports betting is one of the more fascinating aspects of the city. People will bet on anything and everything sports-related, as the various Prop bets for the Super Bowl illustrate each and every year. Still, it's interesting to see what Vegas sportsbooks and the betting population believe when it comes to certain awards, games, and win totals, especially when the NFL is involved.

On that note, Bovada announced their starting odds for the 2014 NFL Most Valuable Player award. It should be no surprise that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is among the players near the top of the list. Rodgers, who won the award during his record-setting 2011 season, comes in with the third-lowest odds to win the award at 15/2, trailing only 2013 winner Peyton Manning (3/1) and Drew Brees (11/2).

In the past seven years, the award has been won by quarterbacks six times - the only non-QB to win in that span was running back Adrian Peterson in 2012. This year, Peterson is tied with LeSean McCoy, Calvin Johnson, and four QBs at 25/1 (the 8th-lowest odds). Reflective of the recent history of the award, the first seven players on the list, going up to 20/1 odds, are all quarterbacks. Furthermore, of the top 21 players, a whopping 17 are quarterbacks.

Rodgers isn't the only Packer on the list, though. Running back Eddie Lacy makes an appearance in a tie for 29th place, with his odds currently going for 100/1.