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APC Tale of the Tape: Word Map and Commenting Stats for Packers-Titans

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In a new feature, we take a look at the comments thread for the Packers' most recent game to provide a little insight into the APC community as a whole.

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Have you ever wondered what words are most commonly used by the APC community during a Green Bay Packers game? How about which user posted the most times over the course of a game? Well now you have to wonder no longer, as we're starting a post we call the APC "Tale of the Tape". Starting with this weekend's preseason opener against the Titans, we'll be illustrating those two things a day or two after each game, and we'll try to identify any oddities or interesting trends.

Game Thread Word Map

Here's a look at which words were used most commonly by the commenters in the game thread on Saturday. Note that I removed the words "Packers", "Titans", "preseason", and "game", since they were dominating the board.


Good stuff, everyone. With it being a relatively decent game (thankfully with no major injuries to key players), everybody seemed relatively calm.

Comments List

Congrats apparently go to BDU this week, as he posted twice as many comments on the game thread as any other individual commenter. You win this round, and one internet point. Four users broke the 50-comment mark, and we had 10 people with 20 or more. There were 649 comments total on the game thread, from 40 total users.

# Commenter # Comments
1 BirdDogUni 141
2 Jplutte 69
3 Wiedmann 63
4 Hawaii Pack Attack 51
5 eddy.rodgerskubrick 34
6 CyberWolfe 30
7 P-Townfan 26
8 MrSmith88 26
9 Roman Times 21
10 SpaceGhost34 20
11 Pack Fan from ATL 18
12 the yooper 16
13 vaultsuit 16
14 Tracker J Dunn 14
15 demigod1987 11
16 Harsha Sridhar 10
17 josemaria.dias.12 10
18 Jacob Padilla 10
19 sh@dyjay 9
20 MattyB83 8
21 Adin 7
22 TinSun 5
23 Badger8th 5
24 whiteside441 4
25 Jrauch11 4
26 Zundar 3
27 Hutsons Best 2
28 rrsmith 2
29 sheetskout 2
30 bnbfishin 2
31 PackerFanNorthwoods 1
32 SlowMotion.Jones 1
33 SnoopCobbyCobb 1
34 Skol Ragnar 1
35 thepolishambassador 1
36 packsheep 1
37 jchip28 1
38 king.nothing 1
39 LA Packer Fan 1
40 Lacyfan 1

Let us know in the comments what you think of this idea, and if you would like to see any additional information in the future.