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Previewing Raiders-Packers with Silver and Black Pride

In the first of two cross-blog posts, we talk with Silver and Black Pride to discuss Friday's preseason game.

Jonathan Daniel

Since there are several Green Bay-Oakland connections in Friday's upcoming preseason matchup between the Packers and Raiders, we at Acme Packing Company and SB Nation's Raiders blog, Silver and Black Pride, thought it would be fun to have a few different versions of Q&A posts to discuss those connections, the upcoming season, and other topics on our minds.

While Jason will have our in-depth Q&A up later this week, I'm talking with Levi Damien, head blogger over there, for some discussions about the game. We'll be using a real-time service called ReplyAll to host the conversation, so stop back again later to see more of our discussions about the game.

If there's a question you'd like to throw out for Levi, post it in the comments and I'll do my best to work it into the conversation.

Enjoy, and let's all look forward to the starters actually getting a decent amount of playing time this week!