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Raiders-Packers Preseason 2014 Game Thread

Join APC as we discuss the Packers' third preseason game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's week three. Familiar faces are coming to Lambeau Field to do battle. Aaron Rodgers is readying himself for a big game. Let's rock.

Oh wait, week three of the preseason? Those familiar faces are former Packers playing for an AFC team instead of a divisional rival? The "big game" just refers to the amount of snaps Rodgers will play compared to last week? Oh. Well, okay, maybe it's not as exciting as a game against, say, the Bears in week three of the regular season would be, but it's still Packers football and it's still on national television in prime time.

Enjoy it, because just a month ago we were desperate for anything football-related in the heat of July.

Yes, Charles Woodson, James Jones, Reggie McKenzie, and company are back in town, and they bring with them 88 other Oakland Raiders who are looking to survive that team's cut-down to 53 players.

This is your game thread. Make it a great one.

And Go Pack Go.